What, Why, and Who

What & Why:

Ok. I’ll fess up. I will now tell you all about this little site.

It starts with an application called SnapChat. Most of you probably use it these days.

For those who don’t, here’s a quick spark notes version of snapchat:

“The ability to send and receive pictures and videos with an expiration timer”

“Users can send a picture or video to their story and have it available to friends or followers for 24 hours”

Are you following me now?

Snapchat is fun, creative, and a new way to share what you see. However, it can be a little bit limited. Mostly these captures of creativity disappear or die off completely.

I wanted to find a place to show everyone them without an expiration date. (So long as I pay my hosting bill at least)

Rather then giving out my snapchat username to the free public, (I may still do that soon — just wait) I decided to set up this site.

This way, anyone can view & discuss what I saw — how I seen it — and so on.

Not affiliated with Snapchat in any way or form, just extending the service a little bit. For me. No one else.

That last line makes me seem greedy — but if that was the case I wouldn’t have created this!
Please enjoy.


I’m Matt Fowler.

But I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now. I don’t want this site to be cluttered with too much chit chat.

That’s what this site is for.